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Interview: Rhys, Eggsy - Goldie Lookin Chain
 Newport super group Goldie Lookin Chain shot to fame in 2004 with the iconic single ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do’ and their unique brand of comedy rap pop. Now with a fourth album on the way under their own label, the Daily Music Guide caught up with Rhys and Eggsy to talk record companies, the Beckhams and garlic bread...
Rhy & Eggsy (from their MySpace page)

CM: Let’s start with the obvious, what has the band been up to lately?
Rhys: We did a gig the other day at The Metro Club (London) which was pay as much as you want to get out, free to get in. We hired a
scum bus and we drove to London in it. When we got to London, we just started shouting “cunt” at people (shows a video of the incident on his mobile).
Eggsy: We also smashed the back window of it. It was fucking great! London’s full of miserable people, so we thought we’d bring a bit of light into their lives. We are playing London again on March 24 in Dingwalls, so look out for that.

CM: How’s your current relationship with the Welsh F.A. /the Beckhams? (The GLC performed ‘Your Missus is a Nutter’ at a Wales Vs England World Cup Qualifying Match and dedicated it to David Beckham and his wife, both present at the time).
R: The Welsh F.A. we haven’t really spoken to in a couple of years, our relationship is a bit frosty. If I’d played football I reckon I’d have
made it to the top of my game and captained Wales...
E: Beckham, he had a little smile. It was a good bit of fun; he’s a highly-paid sportsman. But the Welsh F.A. are a load of old men in suits who didn’t quite get it – fuck ‘em I don’t like football anyway.

CMG: You were dropped by your label, Atlantic, before the third album ‘Under the Counter’ was released. Why did that happen?
R: The reason that it happened was because they spent too much on cocaine. If you’re going somewhere, they hire a limousine for them and they’ll give you a travel card.
E: They have the cocaine for themselves. Certain people at that record label take helicopters to get to places. Fuck the record label, that’s what I say because you can do it yourself.

CM: New album, ‘ASBO4Life’ is coming out on your own label, Gold Dust Records. What are you writing about these days?
E: You’ve got Germany, The World Cup...
R: You’ve got Germany, Freddie Mercury from Queen, DJs, driving, we’re writing about garlic bread, Barack Obama’s new day – big up to Barry O. 3D Super woofers.
E: Tape recorders... it’s like everything, fucking yes!

CM: And your favourite tracks off the album and why?
R: Probably ‘Space Police’ cos it’s kinda tech-steppy...
E: We’ve tried to do a whole lot of different genres. ‘Space Police’ is a good one because it mentions space, police and robots – I have a thing about robots. ‘Welcome to Germany’ I love, it’s euphoric, like something Scooter would do. More genres than a fucking DVD shop.

CM: What do you think the public perception of GLC is and what would you like it to be?
R: I know that we’ll never be royalty, but I’d like to be royalty of all their hearts.
E: I think there’s an element of everyone can unite with a smile, we’d like to be seen as more socially aware. We carried a woman’s buggy down the steps of Ladbroke Grove station today – and we didn’t even tell her we’re in the GLC because we’re selfless. We care more about people than ourselves.
R: I’d like people to think of us the same way people thought of Princess Di after she died.

CM: It’s been suggested you’re a pillar of chav culture... what do you say to this?
R: I’d love to be a pillar of chav culture. I’d like to prop it all up and make sure it runs smoothly. Perhaps we could get together a forum or committee and we could chair it. Maybe once a year we could go to Brighton and have a conference.
E: We could start a new turf war of Trendies Vs Chavs.

CM: Cheers lads.

‘ASBO4Life’ is out April 2009 on Gold Dust Records.
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